Check if your Wemo device is unplugged or removed from the Wi-Fi. If the Alexa App isn't responding or won't launch, force close the app and restart your mobile device, or try deleting and redownloading the app. My WEMO dimmer switch has been showing “server unresponsive” in my Alexa app. Related Articles: Common issues with Wemo devices Wemo device not found. I had the same issue when using Fauxmo libraries and I think that Amazon changed something in the way that it handle WeMo devices. The Alexa app discovers my other items I.E. I had Alexa "forget" them, and now it won't re-discover them. Once I had restored control through the WeMo app, I had to re-run discovery in Alexa. I can use the app and the button on the plugs to control them but alexa either says the device is unresponsive or she says "ok" but the device does not respond. And the report state is working fine after sometime. Reinstalling the Wemo App usually fixes this. I have no problem controlling them from the wemo app/HomeKit. I tried disabling and deleting all devices. Because I maintained my naming conventions, I did NOT need to reconfigure the WeMo in the Alexa app itself. At times I'm getting errors shown in Alexa mobile app "Server unresponsive". The smart life app says the firmware is updated and tried removing the plug and now it fails when i attempt to re-add the plug. A feature of smart home technologies like Wemo® is the ability to control your devices using your smartphone, tablet or even your voice. However when controlling them when they are in an Alexa group, it says the server is unresponsive. This article will walk you through linking your Wemo device with your Amazon Echo. yankacy (jay yankacy) September 19, … Recently, I purchased a couple of wemo smart plug Minis to use for Christmas decorations. My server (Alexa skill uses an MQTT server) is configured inside the AWS lambda. Harmony hub, Ring and Yamaha Multicast. From what I understand, the echo is now expecting a status message from the WeMo device to say whether it is on or off. If you have unplugged a Wemo device, the Wemo App may still have it registered and will look for it. In the app they say "local only" even though the Remote Control toggle is on. I initially got notifications of “server unresponsive” so I deleted my light groups and disabled/re-enabled the Hue skill. 2020-12-07 06:37:45 @devongt @Skirkp18 @WEMO I think there must be a network issue right now - … WeMo Switch not working with Alexa It works in the WeMo app and I tried removing it and re-adding it still getting device unresponsive guessing maybe server issue on Alexa side, I … If I remove the switch from the group and ask Alexa to control it individually all is well. My Wemo still appeared in my "Bedroom" group, and could be controlled along with my other Smart Devices with a single Alexa command. Now Alexa shows me “no new devices discovered” and none of my lights are appearing. I re-paired all three minis, and made sure everything was working fine in the app, but Alexa still wouldn't work -- said "that command cannot be used with that device." The Alexa app reports the device as "Unresponsive." Today, they weren't responding to Alexa. Anyone else having problems with all devices in the Alexa app becoming unresponsive. This will be grayed out in the Wemo App. Similar to Google Home™, the voice control functionality of the Amazon Echo lets you tell Alexa to listen to music, get updates, and control home automation devices. So for every Alexa request, we try to get the response from MQTT. Alexa used to recognize all of my devices but now Alexa fails to recognize any of my lights. But it goes away after sometime.