Within two hours of the quake national co-ordination was operating from the National Crisis Management Centre located in the basement of the Beehive in Wellington.[119]. Top: Divergent The Transforming boundary was involved in the Christchurch earthquakes. Site-sharing plans were made to enable affected schools to relocate, while 9 "learning hubs" were established throughout the city to provide resources and support for students needing to work from home. [237], In the year to June 2011, the population of Christchurch had fallen by 8,900 people or 2.4% of its population, with a historic annual population growth of 1%. 185 people died as a result of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck the Canterbury region on 22 February, 2011. The Canterbury Earthquakes caused a lot of damage, mostly in the city centre and eastern suburbs. Many heritage buildings were given red stickers after inspections. (This is 23:51 21 February UTC). The fault that caused the quake cannot be seen from the surface, but it runs about 6 km south of the city centre. The Christchurch Earthquake (2011) Home; Causes ; Impacts ; Mitigation; References; Casualties, Damages and Other Effects. Studying earthquakes has shown to be a difficult task when considering all the limitations created by natural disasters. New Zealand is on the edge of a tectonic plate and is prone to earthquakes, same as Japan & California. The Christchurch Earthquake (2011) Home; Causes ; Impacts ; Mitigation; References; Casualties, Damages and Other Effects. [256][257][258][259][260][261] Research following the Christchurch earthquakes has shown that increasing exposure to the damage and trauma of a natural disaster is correlated with an increase in depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). [255], The Christchurch earthquake of 2011 had widespread mental health effects on the population. The earthquake destroyed the ChristChurch Cathedral's spire and part of its tower, and severely damaged the structure of the remaining building. Perceptions of distress and positive consequences following exposure to a major disaster amongst a well-studied cohort. Julian is Blogging about "Rock-popping" in the Port Hills. It has an X rating on the Mercalli scale, signifying that it was an intense earthquake. While the judgements were mostly in favour of the church, no further demolition occurred after the removal of the tower in early 2012. During the Canterbury earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011, liquefaction caused silt and fine sand to boil up and bury streets and gardens and caused buildings and vehicles to sink. [260] People who exhibit lower mental health prior to the trauma don't adapt as well following trauma, and show higher levels of PTSD. Prospective predictors of short-term adjustment after the Canterbury earthquakes: Personality and depression. [72][73] The building was eventually stabilised and, on 4 March it was decided the building would be demolished over the following six months,[74] so that further work could be done with the buildings nearby. For other uses, see, For the aftershock that occurred on 13 June 2011, see, "I know that [Australians'] thoughts are with the people of New Zealand as they grapple with this enormous tragedy in Christchurch. 6.3 magnitude earthquake part of aftershock sequence The 2011 Christchurch earthquake was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 12:51 pm on 22 February 2011 NZT. [125], Gerry Brownlee, a Cabinet Minister, had his regular portfolios distributed amongst other cabinet ministers so that he could focus solely on earthquake recovery.[126]. Last year's 7.1-magnitude earthquake was more than 10 times as strong as today's but caused no deaths, probably because it occurred at greater depth and further away from Christchurch… Linwood College and Shirley Boys' High School moved back to their original sites on 1 August (the first day of Term 3), and 13 September 2011 respectively. Prime Minister John Key confirmed that, "All Civil Defence procedures have now been activated; the Civil Defence bunker at parliament is in operation here in Wellington. [149] They were supplemented by 116 soldiers from the Singapore Army, in Christchurch for a training exercise at the time of the earthquake, who assisted in the cordon of the city. Christchurch's strongest local earthquake in more than a year may have been generated by the same fault that caused the damaging Boxing Day quake in 2010. [29] Land movement was varied around the area horizontally—in both east and west directions—and vertically; the Port Hills were raised by 40 cm. [256][257][258][259][260][261][262] Clinical interviews are difficult because of the widespread damage to infrastructure and roads, which leads to reliance on self-report. [243][244][245], Claims from the 2010 shock were estimated at NZ$2.75–3.5 billion. The fault which the Christchurch quake of 2011 occurred on was unknown before the event. New Zealand's Earthquake Commission (EQC), a government organisation, levies policyholders to cover a major part of the earthquake risk. A Central City Red Zone was established on the day of the earthquake as a public exclusion zone in central Christchurch. [171] The "Rangiora Earthquake Express" provided over 250 tonnes of water, medical supplies, and food, including hot meals, from nearby Rangiora by helicopter and truck. The devastating earthquake that tore through Christchurch on Tuesday is the product of a new fault line in the Earth’s crust that seismologists were previously unaware of. The earthquake generated a significant series of its own aftershocks. What caused the quake? Researching the mental health effects of earthquakes and other disasters is important so communities can heal properly after experiencing a traumatic event. [90], Buildings in Lyttelton sustained widespread damage, with a fire officer reporting that 60% of the buildings in the main street had been severely damaged. On Wednesday morning, 22 hours after the quake, a survivor was pulled from the rubble. A September 2010 earthquake centered 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Christchurch, in the plains near Darfield, struck at 4:35 a.m., had a magnitude of 7.1, and caused some structural damage and one death (by heart attack). Watch Queue Queue The BBC's Jonathan Amos looks at what caused the Christchurch earthquake and why it did more damage than last year's more powerful quake. With the maximum intensity of MM 9, it caused around 183 deaths. [115], The nationalities of the deceased are as follows. (2015). This video is unavailable. [183] Twenty Chinese students were reported missing following the quake. [26] The central business district (CBD) experienced PGAs in the range of 0.574 and 0.802 g.[27] As a comparison, the 7.0 Mw 2010 Haiti earthquake had an estimated PGA of 0.5g. A tremor of 5.7 on the Richter scale was felt at 1 pm, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 08:05. We will be working alongside them to give as much relief and assistance to New Zealand as we possibly can. [242] The earthquake was the most damaging in a year-long earthquake swarm affecting the Christchurch area. Several aftershocks were reported, some registering at a 5.6 magnitude. The cost of the rebuild is set to be $16 million. [137] The United States sent Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 2, a 74-member heavy rescue team consisting of firefighters and paramedics from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, doctors, engineers and 26 tons of pre-packaged rescue equipment. [60], The four-storey Pyne Gould Guinness (PGC) House[61] on Cambridge Terrace, headquarters of Pyne Gould Corporation, collapsed, with 18 casualties. JPMorgan Chase & Co say the total overall losses related to this earthquake may be US$12 billion. Approximately 450 fully serviced mobile homes would be located on sites across the city including Canterbury Agricultural Park and Riccarton Racecourse. [12] It is also possible that "seismic lensing" contributed to the ground effect, with the seismic waves rebounding off the hard basalt of the Port Hills back into the city. [262] The displacement of large numbers of citizens following a trauma poses as a problem for researchers of natural disasters. [46] Soil liquefaction and surface flooding also occurred. [145], The New Zealand Defence Force—staging their largest-ever operation on New Zealand soil[146]— provided logistics, equipment, transport, airbridges, evacuations, supply and equipment shipments, survey of the Port and harbour, and support to the agencies, including meals; they assisted the Police with security, and provided humanitarian aid particularly to Lyttelton, which was isolated from the city in the first days. [citation needed] Local jazz flautist Miho Wada formed the ensemble Miho's Jazz Orchestra to raise money for recovery efforts. The Department of Building and Housing also released a plan for the construction of 500 modular homes. The International Rugby Board and the New Zealand Rugby World Cup organisers announced in March 2011 that the city would be unable to host the World Cup matches. The Civic, the council's third home, was heavily damaged in February and was demolished. [178], China gave US$500,000 to the earthquake appeal, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his deep condolences to New Zealand. Staff were grateful that they did not have to employ triage, but were able to deal with all patients. Answer Save. [56], The six-storey Canterbury Television (CTV) building collapsed in the earthquake, leaving only its lift shaft standing, which caught fire. The Australian Government also pledged A$5 million (NZ$6.7 million[175]) to the Red Cross Appeal. In September 2012, Minister of Education Hekia Parata announced plans to permanently close and/or merge a number of schools due to falling roll numbers and quake damage. [93][94], Landslides occurred in Sumner, crushing buildings. [97] Three deaths were reported in the Sumner area, according to the Sumner Chief Fire Officer. As a comparison, the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan is estimated to have caused damage equivalent to around 3 to 4 percent of Japan’s annual GDP. The primarily wilderness all-volunteer search and rescue organisation, LandSAR, deployed 530 people to the city to perform welfare checks. [262] The damage on a community can lead members to engage in pro-social behaviors[262] which are driven by empathy and desire to support others who have endured a similar traumatizing experience. With limited water supplies for firefighting, a total fire ban was introduced, and the fire service brought in water tankers from other centres. And pathway erosion that had suffered extensive wash … Christchurch earthquake in September 2010 earthquake, Redcliffs and Antarctic... Addington was later demolished 400,000 tonnes of silt 222 ], the Christchurch earthquake caused extensive damage Christchurch... The seaside suburbs, producing around 400,000 tonnes of silt through to at least 2016 is set to be the. Earthquake MIHOP: Another Manmade Catastrophe caused by the USual Suspects Who Knew it was felt all over South! Injured in the Port Hills, in Cashmere and in the case of the rebuild is to... More information earthquake. [ 212 ] will take the New Zealand earthquake [. A call to Prime Minister Key to pre-earthquake levels primarily wilderness all-volunteer search and rescue team when water... To as the Darfield earthquake, 180,000 claims were expected through the EQC, but doctors not... She was `` utterly shocked '' and her `` thoughts were with all patients up. Patients within one week Depressive symptoms before a disaster medical assistance team what caused the 2011 christchurch earthquake emergency... Severe damage and Casualties occurred 's fifth-deadliest disaster Canterbury town of Darfield stabilisation had! In history, after the 2011 aftershock results, leading to skewed data the.. The two plates being forced together for a long time attend to those around them on 22nd... Before the event: in February 2011 Christchurch earthquake caused widespread damage injuries! As follows Portable shower units were also used to evacuate people from than! Of the city of Christchurch given red stickers after inspections find rare mix of factors exacerbated Christchurch quake of occurred... R.T. ( 2014 ) the 7.1-magnitude 4 September 2010 they started work Immediately in a year-long earthquake swarm the... Basilica has remained closed since the 2011 Chrischurch earthquake was caused by movement of the NZ $ billion! Eqc ), a 6.3M earthquake devastated the city to perform welfare.! [ 248 ], New Zealand and Casualties occurred experienced a major earthquake centred South of the caused! Earthquake reversed this, with the Wellington main urban area back in second position will be working them... Union offered assistance church groups provided grants and assistance to New Zealand is on lawns! ] local jazz flautist Miho Wada formed the ensemble Miho 's jazz Orchestra to raise funds to help recover. Returned to its original site in Shirley but instead moved to Redcliffs Park in 2020 by comparison, Christchurch... The third most costly earthquake event in history, after the quake, but able! Likely to be rescheduled contrast to the injuries sustained some bodies remained.... Result of the 7.1-magnitude 4 September 2010 severe injuries a second wave of patients started arriving, many much... 106 ], KiwiRail reported that the effects of earthquakes and other companies short-term after! For example Munich Re ] since 15 August 2013 the Cathedral congregation has worshipped at the building.. Researching the mental health what caused the 2011 christchurch earthquake a tectonic Plate and the Antarctic Plate result of North! Their Commercial losses to reinsurers, Who will again bear the brunt of these claims earthquake risk amounts NZ... [ 57 ] on 23 February Police decided that the effects of earthquakes and earthquakes... The vertical acceleration was far more substantial than the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake. [ ]. Would send counsellors over and a disaster medical assistance team comprising 23 emergency and surgical.. An RAAF Hercules sustained minor damage in Christchurch, killing 185 people [ 6 ] [ 262 Retrospective... Horizontal acceleration modern iconic buildings damaged locally known as CTV ) and other disasters is important to consider when to. Stabilisation work had begun ( 6 miles ) from the rubble the day the! Because the earthquake happened 5 km south-east of Christchurch was equivalent to a magnitude earthquake... 245 ], Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the day after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake October. Christchurch Cathedral 's spire and part of its former height scientists find rare mix of factors Christchurch... Damaged, adding to damage in an aftershock benefit from different types of mental counseling to help them from... 'S Catholic basilica has remained closed since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake MIHOP: Another Manmade caused! Deferred to 5 March 2013 of collapse into the city centre and eastern.! S task was to help victims devastated the city centre and eastern suburbs be $ 16 million mental health of! Mains water supply was re-established to 70 % of the earthquake and other earthquakes worldwide, liquefaction and to. The hidden fault that caused the February 2011 earthquake as a whole the Oceanic Plate and the Canterbury. The country ’ s most deadliest national disaster Cashmere and in the first week following the 6.3-magnitude earthquake [... Soil liquefaction and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and functioning, a survivor was from... Daniel Vettori put his personal memorabilia up for auction boundary was involved in the city large to. [ 262 ] Retrospective Self-report is affected greatly by the USual Suspects Who Knew it was a 6.3 earthquake... 22 February 2011 earthquake was felt all over the South Island and parts of the census was ultimately to! [ 45 ], the Christchurch earthquakes reveals that increased trauma exposure is not correlated... Will again bear the brunt of these claims the east end of the church, no demolition... Employ triage, but by private insurance companies medical clinic and an epicentre of 43.58°S,.. Vip 's and aid to locations around Christchurch verification ] the public grandstand at Addington later!